System introduction

  • 1.Real-time view: View DVR screen in real time, turn on or off video recording freely.
  • 2.Real-time warning: Alert the driver with a timely voice prompt when a lane departure is detected or the distance to the front vehicle becomes too close.
  • 3.Take pictures: Use your mobile phone to take pictures of the current traffic conditions or sceneries whenever you want.
  • 4.View files: View DVR files directly on your phone.
  • 5.One-key lock: DVR provides video lock protection, locked files will not be automatically deleted.
  • 6.One-key download: Download DVR photos and videos at the push of the button, no mobile data is required.
  • CA08: Smart Box -- High-precision anti-collision warning system, ultra-high-definition DVR Main function:
  • ADAS: Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Forward Collision Warning (FCW) . Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW) . Urban Forward Collision Warning (UFCW). Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA). Automatic Calibration before Driving. Early Warning Parameter Settings. Voice Broadcast.
  • Driving Record: Driving Video Recording, Camera Function. Loop Recording, File Lock Protection. Automatic Photo Shooting, One-key Photo Shooting. Boot & Automatic Video Recording, Recording Sound, Time Watermark. DVR Storage Card Auto-recovery Shutdown Delay Recording.
  • External Compatibility: Original car OBD power supply and data docking .serial port/CVBS/VGA external output. Compatible with BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota and other models, see the detailed model list for more info.

Installation Instructions

1. Installation location

In order to give full play to the video recording and the safety driving assistance function and not affect the driver's normal vision, it is recommended to install the CA08 on the top center of the car front windscreen (behind the rear view mirror).

2. Items needed for installation

CA08 and wires are included in the package.

3. OBD position

The locations of the OBD interface vary from different types of vehicles. Common OBD locations.

1.Above the left foot position, the manual gear is above the clutch. 2.Above the brake.

2.Above the brake.

3.Above the throttle.

4.Under the ashtray in front of the shift lever (some models may need to take out the ashtray first).

5.Under the co-pilot storage compartment.

6.Near or inside the central armrest.

4. Dock the OBD

If the original car OBD interface already has other line connection \n then unplug the wires of the original car and insert them into the OBD interface seat of the installation wires.

5. Wiring

Use cable ties to secure and hide wires, route it up along the A-pillar of the car and then reach the top edge of the front windscreen, as shown (left).

6. Installation

It is recommended to install under the pillar of the rear view mirror.

Special note: The device is not easy to remove after pasting on the front windscreen;

7. Connect the device

When connecting for the first time, after booting up the CA08 Android phones should operate as follows. 1. enter the hotspot information, click 【Scan for devices】, the phone will search and connect with CA08. 2. Grant CA08 the permission to use the [Wi-Fi Settings] and [Open Phone Hotspot] during the connection. Note: The phone will open the hotspot and connect with CA08. Please do not turn off the hotspot while using it. CA08 will not consume the mobile phone data flow.

Apple mobile phones directly connect with the specified Wi-Fi following the app prompts, and then return to the app and wait for the successful connection

8. About calibration

After entering the app, go to 【ADAS】【Settings】【ADAS Calibration】

1. Stop the car in the middle of a straight and horizontal road.

2. Adjust the knob of the camera and make sure the red horizontal line coincides with the ground disappear line.

3. Adjust the red vertical line and make sure that the red vertical line is in the middle of the car and vertical to car front bumper;

4. Adjust the red horizontal line up and down, so that the red horizontal line is at the intersection of the car front bumper and the ground at the front, thus ensuring the safe distance.

Note: To ensure a high recognition, adjust the calibration line to a relatively accurate position.

Description of keys

  • 1. Angle adjustment: adjust the camera angle up and down.
  • 2. Speaker: output the broadcast sound.
  • 3. Red indicator light: indicator light of the system work.
  • 4. Green indicator light: DVR working indicator light. 5. Take pictures: take the current picture.
  • 5. Mute: turn off the sound.
  • 6. File locking: lock the current video file and the last video file.
  • 7. Network connection: switch the network to the initial state.
  • 8. Power key: short press to power on, press and hold to power off.

App introduction

I. DVR page description:

The DVR page mainly includes the display and setting of the relevant contents of DVR

DVR page status:

Current recording status

SD card status

Current recording time

DVR Page Functions:

  • 1. DVR settings \n\t Set whether DVR starts recording when booting up, whether DVR turns on the recording sound, storage location and DVR card formatting.
  • 2. Start/Stop recording \n\t Start or stop the recording of DVR.
  • 3. ADAS mute: ON/OFF. After turning on, the ADAS function will not deliver any sound.
  • 4. ADAS voice prompt: ON/OFF. After turning off, the ADAS function will not deliver any voice prompt.
  • 5. ADAS simulation mode: ON/OFF. After turning on, you can see ADAS function effect based on the simulation speed.
  • 6. ADAS calibration: Set the current model, the horizontal line, the vertical line, car front bumper line, etc. of the current camera screen in Settings Horizontal line, overlap the red marker line with the ground disappearance line Vertical line, adjust to the center of the front cover position front bumper line, adjust the line to the overlap line of the front bumper and the ground.
  • 7. LDW Settings: Set the lane departure work start speed and lane departure sensitivity.
  • 8. FCW settings: Set the collision warning work start speed and collision warning sensitivity.
  • 9. ADAS sound settings: set sound volume of ADAS prompts, turn on or off the LDW sound, FCW sound, UFCW sound.

2.Settings page description

  • 1. Hotspot switch: ON/OFF. When the phone is connected, it will turn on hotspot and start communicating with CA08. Directly click OFF to turn off the hotspot and disconnect when phone connection is not needed. Click ON to turn on the hotspot when connecting again.
  • 2. Network connection: When failed to connect to CA08, click on the network hotkey, after a successful switch, enter information in the network connection, connect with CA08.
  • 3. Model selection: Required to set the current model here on the first connection.
  • 4. Configuration Settings: Adjust the parameters for the original car center console screen.
  • 5. About CA08: software version, use the Help and other .


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